What is a submission?

A submission is where a person writes a letter to the Remuneration Tribunal for the purpose of putting their case to the Tribunal. A submission is usually made in writing, however, a submission may also be made orally (in person) before the Tribunal at a hearing.

As part of every review, the Remuneration Tribunal invites submissions from affected persons. Public notices notifying of the Tribunal's reviews are published on the Remuneration Tribunal’s website.

How do I lodge my submission?

Submissions may be lodged electronically by emailing the submission to the Remuneration Tribunal prior to the closing date of submissions at remunerationtribunal@sa.gov.au.

How do I write a submission?

The best submissions:

  • begin with a short introduction about yourself and/or whom you represent;
  • include a short summary at the beginning of the submission which clearly and concisely addresses the issue and communicates clearly what you are seeking in relation to that issue;
  • include any documentary or other evidence to support your claims;
  • include a timeline with specific dates of any relevant historical events (if applicable);
  • include any references to applicable Legislation (see: Legislation section on our website);
  • are concise, generally no longer than two to three pages (although may be longer for more complex matters);
  • include your full name and contact details.

What happens to my submission?

Your submission will be considered by the Members of the Remuneration Tribunal. The Remuneration Tribunal will decide whether to accept your submission and whether to make a formal Determination in relation to it.

What happens when the Tribunal makes a decision?

When the Remuneration Tribunal makes a Determination, a Report is issued publicly which is made available on the Remuneration Tribunal website, published in the Government Gazette and tabled before both houses of Parliament.

A formal Determination may also be issued with the Report, which is the formal authority for the payment of remuneration to an office holder.