Frequently Asked Questions

How many Tribunal Members are there?

There are three members of the Remuneration Tribunal. One Member must be appointed as the President of the Tribunal.

How long are Tribunal Members appointed for?

Members of the Remuneration Tribunal are usually appointed for a term of three years.

Are the Tribunal’s Determinations subject to appeal?

No. A determination of the Remuneration Tribunal is not subject to an appeal.

Can the Parliament disallow a Determination of the Remuneration Tribunal?

No. Determinations of the Remuneration Tribunal are not subject to disallowance provisions.

How do I make a general query?

General queries can be made to the Senior Remuneration Tribunal Officer at

To whom should media queries be made?

All media queries should be made to President of the Remuneration Tribunal, through the Senior Remuneration Tribunal Officer at

Where can I access copies of Reports and Determinations?

Copies of the Tribunal's Reports and Determinations are available either on our website, by contacting the Tribunal, or are published in the Government Gazette. For older Determinations, the Government Gazette is the best reference point.

How often does the Tribunal conduct reviews of its Determinations?

The Tribunal conducts reviews of each of its Determinations on an annual basis, or according to the time period specified in the applicable Legislation.