The following South Australian Legislation is applicable to the Remuneration Tribunal:

LegislationApplicable Office Holder/s

Remuneration Act 1990


Parliamentary Remuneration Act 1990

Members of the Parliament and Ministers of the Crown.

South Australian Employment Tribunal Act 2014

Presidential Members of the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013

Presidential Members of the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Constitution Act 1934

Her Excellency the Governor of South Australia; and
Members of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (other than the Chair).
Local Government Act 1999Elected Members of Local Government Councils; and
Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Local Government Councils
City of Adelaide Act 1998Elected Members of the City of Adelaide Council.
Electoral Act 1985The Electoral Commissioner and the Deputy Electoral Commissioner.
Health and Community Services Complaints Act 2004The Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner.
(Note: jurisdiction is conferred by the Governor by a 2004 Proclamation: Remuneration (Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner) Proclamation 2004)
Public Finance and Audit Act 1987The Auditor-General.
Coroners Act 2003The Coroner of South Australia.
Environment, Resources and Development Court Act 1993Commissioners of the Environment, Resources and Development Court.
Supreme Court Act 1935Judges and Masters of the Supreme Court.
District Court Act 1991Judges and Masters of the District Court.
Magistrates Act 1983South Australian Magistrates.
Corrections Services Act 1982Members of the Parole Board; and
Official Visitors of Correctional Institutions.
Fair Work Act 1994s 101 - State Industrial Authority to apply principles.