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30 May 2017

The Remuneration Tribunal has finalised its annual review of remuneration for members of the Judiciary, members of the Industrial Relations Court and Commission, the State Coroner, and Commissioners of the Environment, Resources and Development Court. The Report and Determination is published below.


  • Remuneration Act 1990
  • Supreme Court Act 1935
  • Fair Work Act 1994
  • District Court Act 1991
  • Magistrates Act 1983
  • Coroners Act 1975
  • Environment, Resources and Development Court Act 1993

Scope of Determination

  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court
  • President of the Industrial Court
  • Deputy Presidents of the Industrial Court
  • Senior District Court Judge
  • Other District Court Judges
  • Chief Magistrate
  • Deputy Chief Magistrate
  • Supervising Magistrates
  • Assisting Supervising Magistrates
  • Senior Magistrates
  • Stipendiary Magistrates
  • Other Magistrates
  • Supervising Industrial Magistrate
  • Other Industrial Magistrates
  • State Coroner
  • Deputy State Coroners
  • Commissioners of the Industrial Relations Commission
  • Full time Commissioners of the Planning Appeal Tribunal

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